Executive Functions in Early Childhood – Free ONLINE Training Workshop for Practitioners

Aimed at Early Years Practitioners

FREE Online training workshop

For registration please send your name, institution you work at, date you would prefer to attend and the number of colleagues who would like to attend from the institution to the workshop.

Please only register to one workshop per email.

Enquiries and registration:

Please email Zeynep Civelek at [email protected]

Further Details:

Executive Functions (EF) are abilities linked to school readiness and later school success, but what exactly are they, how can we foster them, and can we measure them in early years settings? This training has been designed especially for early years practitioners.

The session will last for approx. 2 hours and
you will be provided with some pre-recorded material for preparation.

Thursday 22 October and Thursday 29 October 2020
(subject to availability).

By the end of the workshop you will have learned:

what EF actually are and why it is important to know about them
why we should support children’s EF development
which and how everyday nursery activities foster EF abilities
what is best practice to help children develop their EF without overloading them