Executive Functions in Early Childhood – Free Training Workshop for Practitioners

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Executive Functions Workshop Registration

Executive Functions Leaflet

Executive Functions (EF) are abilities linked to school readiness and later school success, but what exactly are they, how can we foster them, and can we measure them in early years settings? This training has been designed especially for early years practitioners to demystify EF. In this workshop you will learn:

    • what EF actually are and why it is important to know about them
    • why we should support children’s EF development
    • which and how everyday nursery activities foster EF abilities
    • what is best practice to help children develop their EF without overloading them

Training date: 24 October 2019

Time of session to be confirmed. You will be asked in a short poll which time window would work best for you. We will try our best to find a time that is suitable for everyone signing up.

Location: ABC Lab

Cost: Free

Free childcare provided

Tea and Coffee provided

*Places limited to 30 

If you have any questions about this training please email Geraldine, the Lab manager, babyandchildlab@st-andrews.ac.uk

* Additional session(s) may be offered if we are oversubscribed.