Teaching and Learning Resources

The ABC lab will bring you regular updates of the latest ideas and resources for teaching and learning.

Brainy Bairns Neuroscience

In development from Spring 2017  is a new outreach initiative, the ‘Brainy Bairns Science’ teaching and learning program currently being piloted in nurseries. This short learning and teaching program is based on the latest research and incorporates games, new resources and stories to teach pre-preschoolers how their brain works.  If you are a nursery and  would like to take part in this pilot program please contact us at the ABC lab babyandchildlab@st-andrews.ac.uk


In March 2017 Jo Boaler gave a TED talk on maths learning anxiety. Watch it here. The website contains lots of free maths teaching resources based on growth mindset https://www.youcubed.org.


In April 2017 Education Scotland released I am a mathematician resource with the aim of helping parents to support their child’s maths learning with fun activities to do at home.