The Museum of the University of St Andrews
Museum of the University of St Andrews, 7a The Scores, St Andrews, Fife, KY16 9AR

Availability: Monday – Saturday: 10am-5pm. Sunday: 12pm-4pm

*Musa will be closed for refurbishment until Autumn 2019.

Baby Musa will be held in the Bell Pettigrew Museum (details below).

You can find a description of Baby Musa and class times here.

Bell Pettigrew National History Museum
Bute Medical Buildings, School of Biology, Queen’s Terrace, St Andrews KY16 9TS, UK

Availability: Tuesday and Friday 2pm-5pm and by booking by filling out a contact form here.

*The Bell Pettigrew Museum is also open the Saturday of National Science Week (Spring) and on Sundays of Doors Open (Fall).


The ABC Lab has developed preschool and early primary learning educational programmes for nurseries and schools. Staff and students deliver these. Please contact the Lab manager to discuss how to set up a session in your local nursery/school.

1. Neuroscience for Kids! Are we there yet? – learn about the brain and it’s amazing spatial navigation system. This programme is mapped to the science curriculum (for early and first levels).

2. Brainy Bairns – learn about the brain’s Amygdala and the ways it  may effect our behaviour, make Amygdala bottles  (for early and first levels).